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UK-AS: Aortic Webinar Programme

Webinars start at 4.30 pm, unless announced differently on our website.

If you are interested in attending, please register at :

This webinar series is designed around the UK and Ireland surgical trainee’s and SAS doctors with an interest in aortic surgery and in preparation for the FRCS Cardiothoracic examination. The event will be free to attendees, and we encourage lecturer’s to make it as interactive as possible, with videos, Q&A’s and audience participation. The session will run for 60 minutes allowing 15 minutes of questions at the end. It will be chaired by the UK-AS executive and we aim to record the sessions and make them available to members. If you have an idea or topic you would like us to consider at future series or you would like to attend, please contact us on admin@uk-as.org

Date Topics Presenter
Wed 26th June 2024 Neuroprotection strategies in 2024 in aortic surgery – what is safe if I don’t work in Liverpool? Ms Debbie Harrington Consultant Aortic and Cardiac Surgeon
Fri 26th July 2024 TBAAD – Management in 2024 Mr James McCaslin Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Aug 2024 - Summer Break
Fri 27th September 2024 Ascending aorta Replacement – The Easiest Operation in the world, right? Mr Damien Balmforth Consultant Aortic and Cardiac Surgeon
Wed 30th October 2024 Aortic root replacement – tips and tricks Ms Indu Deglurkar Consultant Aortic and Cardiac Surgeon
Fri 22nd November 2024 Frozen Elephant Trunk surgery - Lessons over a career Professor Aung Ye Oo Consultant Aortic and Cardiac Surgeon
Dec 2024 - Christmas Break
Jan 2025 Sutureless Valve Replacement – economy of time or better exercise tolerance?
Feb 2025 Aortic Arch Replacement – step by step, the rules of safety
Mar 2025 Aortic Valve Repair – will it ever become routine?
April 2025 David procedure /Yacoub’s procedure – why I choose what I do?
May 2025 Frozen Elephant Trunk surgery – lessons over a career

For doctors in training (Vascular, Radiology and Cardiac Surgery), nurses and allied health professionals

11th Annual Meeting Of UK Aortic Society

7th September 2024, The BELFRY, Sutton, Coldfield

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