About UK-AS

Improve, Innovate & Educate

UK – AS (United Kingdom, Aortic Society) is a collaboration of Cardiac and Vascular surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, Allied Health Professionals and patient advocate groups who meet annually with the aim to advance the field of Aortic Surgery.

Our overarching strategy is to advance patient care and experiences throughout the UK. We started in September 2013 as UK Aortic Forum and have now met as a diverse group of healthcare professionals on eight occasions, fondly known as the ‘Belfry club’. We have seen a small number of interested surgeons turn into a group of 83 aortic enthusiasts and have progressed to our partnership together into UK- AS (Aortic Society).

We strongly promote education and we saw our member Graham Cooper, champion Aortic Dissection awareness in his tenure as President of the Cardiothoracic Society, SCTS. UKAS has been organizing the Aortic Surgery Education days at SCTS University for the last 4 years. Rachel Bell, is now President of the Vascular Society and a national expert who works with NHS England promoting Cardiac Improvement Pathway’s which will directly impact the care of aortic patients within the UK.

This drive and ambition has seen the group strive to improve all aspects of aortic surgery in the UK including service delivery, quality, governance, research, education and innovation. We will continue to provide this important work for the foreseeable future and are grateful to our membership for their enthusiasm and hard work in the field.

Office Bearers

Our Organisation is managed by a committee of office bearers. The current committee consists of


Michael Sabetai


Karen Booth


Amit Modi

Research Leads

Stuart Grant Sanjay Asopa

Education Leads

Shakil Farid Giovanni Mariscalco

You Can Be A Part Of Us

There is no tool for development more effective than the collective efforts of similar minds. Join us and be part of the advancement in the specialised area of aortic surgery.

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